Friday, April 21, 2017

Smart Doll - Chitose Shirasawa

Back in September 19, 2016, I received a package from Growcian. Amongst his frenzied itinerary through various parts of Japan, he was visiting Culture Japan, a company that was founded by Danny Choo to produce his line of Smart Dolls.

Before Growcian's trip, we were browsing through Danny Choo's character designs and came across this coquettish delight that immediately hit me in the heart.

(✔) Beautiful?
(✔) Feminine?
(✔) Intelligent?
(✔) Silver Hair?
(✔) Flat Chest?

It was love at first sight!

I did what any normal manly man would do. I gave Growcian cold hard cash so that he could build me a custom Chitose doll and promptly ship it over to me so that I may eventually dress her up in many pretty frilly things! I finally opened up the package and placed the wig on her. I was NOT disappointed...

Come hither ❤

There is something enamoring about having a doll personally in your space that invokes a feeling of feminine comfort like being wrapped around by angel down. But alas, I must lay her to rest until one day I find a frilly dress befitting her angelic beauty.

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