Friday, January 22, 2021

Now She Needs a Gas Guzzling Motorcycle

I still have too many doll clothing and accessories I bought and haven't taken out from their packaging. Since I spent money on these things, that needs to change.

The shorts and top are obviously from ぐにゃ猫帝国 but I can't find an official web site other than a Twitter account.

The wig being a CotinDoll wig is obvious.


The boots were purchased from SEN's Akihabara store.

 I have no idea who made the gloves. They just showed up on Mandarake one day with the
description, "SD gloves, fingers will not fit inside" or something to that effect. They're a bit
tight but DD fingers will sort of fit with a little bit of effort (without destroying the gloves).

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Coordinating More Random Clothing


I bought the sleeveless dress from SEN. I bought it at the Akihabara store instead of online. I can't find the item on its web site anymore.

The jacket came from this Volks clothing set:

The socks:

 The loafers are by Obitsu.

I bought the umbrella from the Azone Akihabara store.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Coordinating Random Pieces of Doll Clothing

Over the past few years, I bought a lot of random pieces of clothing for dolls with the idea I'll fashion coordinate them into... Something. The boots in the above photo were made by Momo and purchased during I-doll Nagoya 24 (September 2017).

The shirt is an Azone brand shirt I bought on clearance from Jungle Osaka.

Yes, that says 440 yen.

The bow tie was purchased at Dolk Akihabra. At 990 yen, it cost more than twice what the shirt cost. 😆😆😆

The stockings were made by and purchased from Pongee. Purchased during I-doll Tokyo 57 (December 2019).

I don't remember where I bought the shorts from.

The hooded sweatshirt is a part of a hooded sweatshirt set made by TC Doll. I bought it secondhand and it was cheap. However, the set is rather bland and boring. Separating them for use as individual pieces makes for more interesting coordination. The outfit is so old, it's not even offered by TC Doll anymore. (However, different colors such as beige and olive drab are available as of this writing.)

When I bought the various pieces of doll clothing, I had some ideas for them but they either didn't work out or I couldn't buy another specific clothing piece which I wanted. If I were to make any changes with the clothing combination above, it would be with the hooded sweatshirt. I would like to get her a green jacket instead. I currently don't have a green jacket for her so that might be something I'll buy in the near future.

At the very least, I'm glad not everything I bought as a single piece of clothing went to waste.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Shirt From Dollremi

I bought the shirt below at the Dollremi booth during I-Doll 57. (Note the December 1, 2019 date.)

The global pandemic has made travel impractical so I didn't get to visit Japan in 2020. I'll consider myself lucky if I get to travel to Japan in 2022. Since I won't be able to travel to Japan and shop at doll conventions for a while, I decided to look through a few things I already bought. I bought some gloves from Dollremi's web site recently so I was reminded of the fact I hadn't actually opened the bag pictured above. That needed to change.

The doll below has a DD-M bust.

This shirt is awesome. I knew I was getting a good shirt but I didn't expect to like it as much as I do.