Monday, February 22, 2021

Azone FAR255-BLK Dress

The dress name, "Red Bird Canon Dress" makes no sense. I don't know the context. :P 

Purchased from Hobby Search.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Stockings by Dollremi

I bought the gloves and the stockings in the same order.
The stockings are meant for Azone 50cm-class dolls, including AZO2.

Our first model is Homu-homu and... I don't have a lot of clothes for Azone 50cm dolls and don't have much beyond her default costume. That needs to change but that's for another blog post in future.

OK, let's try someone who isn't a licensed character as a model.
I named the girl below "Tiffania".

The seven year itch? 😅

I bought two pairs of the Dollremi stockings. Homu-homu has a standard Obitsu 50cm body. Tiffania has the AZO2 G-bust body. The stockings fit on standard Obtisu 50cm/Azone 50cm dolls and AZO2 dolls just fine.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Sailor Saturn Cosplay

The tights and Sailor Saturn costume were purchased from Dollremi.

Modeled by Rie. I tried to play around a bit with comparing flash vs. no flash photos.
The boots were a pair I picked up from Mandarake.
I *think* they were originally a part of the DD Saber Alter set.
Wig by Dollce.