Saturday, January 25, 2020

Dollce "C" Head + Dollfie Dream f3

While I didn't call this post "Part 2", Part 1 of this rambling is actually the previous post.

I should say something about why I put all kinds of different wigs on this Dollce head. I'll need to measure it again at some point but I can say the Dollce-C head is about 9.25 inches in circumference. This makes the head slightly larger than DD heads, which are usually around 8.5 inches. Over the course of my doll faceup and collecting hobby, I purchased a number of wigs which were too large for DD heads. Most of the wigs I purchased were secondhand and inexpensive but when they didn't work on various DD heads, buying them still felt like a waste of money. With the Dollce-C head being larger than a DD head, I finally had uses for the oversized wigs.

Now a photo dump of additional wigs on her + heterochromia:

I decided to name her Rie (りえ).

The reason Rie has heterochromia is a long story in itself but I'll try to keep it as short as possible. Mandarake made available a pair of glass eyes of different colors and I bought them. I originally intended to use them for another doll but the colors weren't quite right for the doll I wanted to create. The colors looked correct in the photos Mandarake uploaded but they were slightly off in real life. I didn't use these eyes in that doll and they stayed in storage for a while. After I finished the faceup on the Dollce-C head, I decided to use the heterochromic glass eyes just as an experiment. As it turned out, I liked what I saw more than I expected. Rie isn't based on an existing character, nor is she cosplaying a specific character. There is no "wrong" eye color for her so the eyes you see in these photos work well for her.

While I don't know if this is the case with all Dollce heads, at least with the "C" head, the eyes need to be spheres or hemispheres. The way the eye sockets are shaped inside the head, the eyes need to be round/convex enough to sit in the sockets. Various resin eyes, as well as Smart Doll eyes, don't work with the Dollce-C head at all because they're not fully half of a sphere. If the eyes are not spheres or full hemispheres, a huge gap is created due to the shape of the vinyl around the eye sockets lifting the non-sphere / non-hemisphere eye.

Rie's faceup was very difficult. Her lips have nearly no definition so giving her any kind of lipstick color either ended up being too little or too much. Her forehead is also physically uneven so trying to make her eyebrows symmetrical ended in a bigger failure than my usual failures at drawing anything symmetrical. I couldn't make anything perfect so I just tried to botch as little of her faceup as possible.

I purchased a DD-f3 body for Rie and it finally arrived in the mail. I proceeded to dress her up.

The bunny outfit below has an interesting history. The leotard, sleeveless coat, collar, bunny ears, and cuffs were made by Volks. (I did not buy the Volks-made parts of the bunny outfit as a complete set. I bought various bits and pieces of the outfit secondhand so it took a while to "complete".) The gloves were made by Parabox. I purchased the boots from MoMo's booth during a doll convention.

This is the first f3 body I ever purchased. I'm impressed with and like the improved movement range of the doll. I don't have to FrankenDollfie the f3 body to get the poses I want out from Rie.

The purple dress below was purchased from the Volks store in Fukuoka. It was a consignment item and a one-off. It was intended for an SDGr to wear but a DD-M body fits just fine in it.

I am very happy with the way Rie turned out. :D

Now I hope I'll eventually be able to say the same with the Parabox Gretel head.

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