Saturday, May 26, 2018

Moonlight Image Spam | ムーンライトの写真、色々と

ムーンライトは去年迎えた娘だけどなかなか撮影をする機会が無くてあっという間に2018年になってしまった。もういい加減に去年撮った写真をうpしたい + まともな撮影が出来るまで待っていたらいつまで経っても写真はうpしないままになってしまう。

I welcomed Moonlight last year but there hardly were opportunities to do a photo shoot - and then it was 2018 before I knew it. I want to upload the photos I took last year already + if I waited until I could do proper photo shoot, I would never upload the photos.

2017's wedding dress. The bust is L-size.



I had Pirotess from Record of Lodoss War in mind but this outfit seems grossly inadequate.

You wouldn't know it from the photo but the headband is very loose.

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