Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Extremely Long Rambling Guide for Buying 60cm Dolls and Accesories in Japan

Last Updated: 2023.11.26

Northern Japan

Full disclosure - I personally have not visited Sapporo. While I can point out certain stores in Sapporo, I don't have personal experience of having gone there so I can't make any suggestions or recommendations.

The store is on the B2 floor of a tall corner shopping mall.

  • Volks  - The building you're looking for is "EBeanS". It's a very short walk from the Sendai train station.


  • Gee! Store - It's a short walk from the EBeanS building.


Utsunomiya is about an hour away from Tokyo via the Shinkansen. As for the stores, both Volks and Mandarake [Tax Free 5000 JPY] are located in the same building on different floors. The building you're looking for is the Festa building.




Akihabara Radio Kaikan: Volks Dollpoint (8F), Azone Label Shop (7F), one of the DOLK (7F) stores, and Dolly Teria (5F) are all located in this building. The selection of dolls and related items will be limited but there's a Jungle (7F) store in the building as well. Amiami (4F) offers a selection of Azone, Obitsu, and Nendoroid dolls.

Mandarake Complex: [Tax Free 5000 JPY] It's a tall building. The doll section is on the second floor.

Gee! Store: Go to the 4th floor to shop for doll products.

DOLKThis location of DOLK is separated into two floors. You can't get to the second floor from the first. Finding the first floor of the store is the easy part. After you're done visiting the first floor, exit the store. Turn right and go forward. Turn right at the next corner. On your right, you'll see an entrance which will go upstairs. Go up the stairs to the second floor.


From-SEN: Located on the second floor of the Komori building. It's located in a much easier place to find than the previous location.