Saturday, December 16, 2023

Zero Two Cosplayer Faceup

There's a doll whose faceup developed cracks and there was no saving it. I decided to do a faceup wipe.

I reworked the faceup on this DDH-09 head a number of times. Even the last incarnation wasn't something I was happy with. The faceup having large crack lines running across it gave me a good excuse to fix multiple issues at the same time. What I lacked was an idea for what kind of faceup I want. I now had one: Zero Two in a wedding dress. Of course I wouldn't be able to get the exact dress and there will be other details which will be "wrong". However, I  had a good feeling about this one.

Once I started on the eyebrows, I decided to do something I hadn't before: Create a template for one.

Using masking tape, I drew one eyebrow and created a tracing template. I then needed to adjust the template so the eyebrows would come out more or less even.

...and I still screwed up. T_T

I ended up wiping just the eyebrows with 400 grit sandpaper. I redrew the eyebrows.

Yeah, much better.

Once I got the eyebrows redrawn, I worked on creating a headband with horns. I started with an Azone brand headband and drilled holes into it. I then took a flat portion of runners from a plastic model kit, carved some appropriately sized horns, painted them, and then glued them together to the headband.

A pink wig I ordered from Mandarake then arrived.

I then added the headband and the veil.

I have some shoes for her on order. I'd like to take some proper photos of a fully body shot once I have them.

I'm shocked I'm actually happy with how this faceup turned out. :O

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