Saturday, September 30, 2017

Alison's Makeover

Alison is unique among my Smart Dolls. Her body is a Smart Doll but her head is not. Her head is DDH-06 normal with 24mm akane Type-P eyes. Faceup by me, using Gundam Markers.

I purchased the Smart Doll body a year and a half(?) ago when the Mirai Store still sold bodies by themselves. Various heads were swapped onto this body over the past 1.5 years but I finally gave it a permanent "host" with the doll I named Alison.

You can see what Alison previously looked like at the link and image below:

Alison's previous wardrobe consisted of Culture Japan long boots (though looks like the red one is currently unavailable), Culture Japan short jeans, Pongee stockings, DWO leotard, and a hooded sweatshirt by TC Doll. Wig by Parabox.

The Smart Doll body by itself came with the S-bust. I swapped this out and gave Alison the L-bust.

So here's what Alison looks like now:

The boots were purchased from Mandarake. The wig is by BJD Crobi, purchased at Dolk Osaka. The black gloves didn't come with the outfit; they were purchased from Dolk Akihabara.

Kizuna makes a cameo.

The stockings.

As for where Alison's new outfit came from, that requires some explanation. I visited Nagoya I-doll 24.

Doll Heart had a booth there and I made a purchase. The specific outfit Alison is wearing is the Alice Blue 2012 DDY version.

I'm very happy with how the new wardrobe works with Alison. :D

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