Sunday, December 23, 2018

Doll Bag on a Tiny Budget

Doll bags are EXPENSIVE, assuming they're even in stock. I might have found a far more cost effective substitute here.

Just as a note, I am not getting any kickbacks from any of the retailers below. I'm only pointing out where the above product can be purchased.

Bed Bath & Beyond

If it wasn't obvious by now, I put in zero effort into making things look "professional". Since I have no ambition to be a "professional" studio photographer of any kind, you will be subjected to my clothes! ^_~

I decided to insert a cardboard backing board into the bag. It doesn't need to be fancy, just functional. The cardboard I had on hand wasn't long enough so I used some masking tape to assemble what I needed from multiple pieces. In terms of the dimensions, we're looking at approximately 75cm x 15cm.

There's plenty of room to accommodate a doll, multiple wigs, outfits, and any other doll accessory you want to toss into the bag. Depending on how you want to manage the space, there's enough space in there for multiple dolls with head room to spare.

Now let's see how this bag compares to an actual Volks brand carrying case.

In terms of volume, this cheap bag is larger than the Volks brand carrying case.

The advantages this cheap bag has over the Volks brand carrying case are obvious.

So what are the disadvantages?
  • You may need to insert your own backing board
  • No internal straps to keep the doll securely in place inside the bag
  • No internal pockets
  • No shoulder strap
No internal pockets means anything you throw into the bag will slide back and forth depending on how full the bag is. No internal straps will also make the doll slide back and forth. However, if you plan on stuffing this bag to the gills, you might not mind the disadvantages so much.

This bag definitely isn't for carrying your doll with you to a gathering. If you want to take a doll to a gathering using this bag, you'll want to somehow hack your own internal straps to keep the doll secure *AND* add a shoulder strap while you're at it. However, the bag is perfectly fine for keeping your doll in storage at home.

At less than 5 USD (at most places), this cheap bag provides awesome value. Even if you were to consider adding internal and external straps, what you spend on the bag and upgrading it will cost a lot less than a "real" doll carrying case.

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