Sunday, December 25, 2022

Sagisawa Fumika + Holy Night Gifter

Well, a new girl joined my doll family.

I haven't actually dressed her in her default outfit yet. Since it's Christmas only for a few more hours as of this writing and I haven't yet opened the Holy Night Gifter ("HNG") outfit set (which I bought some time ago), I decided Fumika will be Santa Girl this year.

The pantyhose underneath the holiday leggings is not the default one included with the HNG. Since the default pantyhose is black, I decided against taking a chance with staining. The one she's wearing now is a third party pantyhose which I gave a alcohol bath to and leeched the dye. I'll need to give the default pantyhose the alcohol bath treatment later.

The wig is not the default wig either. The wig is the Mandarake/Himekazura brand long straight 2 black, medium.

The robot is a (unlicensed) third party Transformers figure from Magic Square. Purchased from The Chosen Prime.

Their first Christmas.

She really towers over him.

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