Wednesday, June 29, 2016

DIY: Simple Wig Stand

If you wondered about and want a good way to comb your doll's wig without having the wig on your doll, then this is for you. Hopefully, you'll find the following information useful. What you need are:
  • A round object
  • Sticks of some kind
  • A base of some kind (optional)

You'll see an example of each.

Here are a pair of long chopsticks, purchased from Daiso. You don't have to use chopsticks; you can use dowels from a home improvement store, a hobby shop, or something else which will serve as poles/sticks.

These are ornament balls purchased locally from a Michaels craft store. You have to buy them in lots of 24 online but they're sold individually at local stores. They are easy to work with because the outer surface is cardboard and there's a plastic layer underneath.

The one thing you want to make sure of is, the circumference of the ball always needs to be shorter than the circumference of the doll wig.
The string was removed and a hole was punched where the string used to be. You can use a drill, a screwdriver, or some other object to make this hole.
Insert the stick and you're pretty much done.
Put your doll wig onto the ball and you're ready to start combing/styling.

The doll stand you see is the Obitsu Multistand (Large). You can buy one from Amiami or Hobby Search. You can use a separate stand like the one pictured as a base or you can use a block of Styrofoam.

Here, the chopstick supporting the wig is inserted into a block of Styrofoam. You can buy a block at a local hobby or craft store. That, or you can just reuse the foam blocks which serve as padding for when you buy household electronics (like a TV).

Never mind the other parts you see in the photo; they're parts from a plastic model kit. ^^;;;;;;

Just in case, before anyone asks, any stains you see on the foam block are hobby paint.

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