Thursday, June 30, 2016

Dream Rescue (Volks): Removing Dye Stains From Dolls

The Dream Rescue is a cream designed to remove dye stains from vinyl doll body parts. (The Japanese site is here.)

You can see Gary's video below.

There are two doll bodies.

The larger one is an Obitsu SBH-27M White, which came with a character doll. I gave the doll black underwear manufactured by a company whose name I don't remember and doing that resulted in a stained body. >.<

The smaller one is an Obitsu 23.

Below are photos of just the 27's crotch and buttocks areas but the bra stained the upper body as well. (You can see the additional affected areas in the video linked above.)

Enter: The Dream Rescue cream.

The following photos are of SBH-27M, White. The chest, crotch, and buttocks areas have dramatic improvements.

(You can buy female Obitsu 27 bodies from Amiami or Hobby Search.)

The following are photos of Obitsu 23 which came with another character body. The doll came with dark socks which stained the feet and knees. The results are not perfect but what you see below are dramatic improvements over what they used to look like.

The ankle joint area wasn't treated with the cream; you can imagine how much staining there was before the cream was applied (if you haven't seen the video above).

You can buy Obitsu 23 bodies from Amiami.

The way to use the Dream Rescue cream is to apply it to the areas of the doll body where dye stains occurred, and then let the cream settle for a few days. (It would be even better to disassemble the doll and then apply the cream to the affected parts.) In order to keep the mess to a minimum, wrap the doll bodies in plastic wrap, and then leave them for a few days.

One application will not result in a miraculous removal of dye stains. Multiple applications are necessary to remove the dye stains to the point where they are no longer noticeable. The Dream Rescue does work but it is not a miracle product. If you have a Dollfie, Obitsu dolls, or some other doll with dye stains, getting rid of said stains will be a labor of love. (Of course, if you love your doll enough, getting rid of the stains after much effort will make the results that much sweeter.)

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