Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dye Bleeding Experiment

If you decide to imitate anything posted below, DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK.

After the dye transfer fiasco and how much work it took to remove the stains, I wondered if the culprit clothing pieces were a lost cause. The culprits were the bra, panties, and socks.

Out of curiosity, I tried dipping the culprits in water for a few minutes. If I left them soaking for several days, I might have seen some bleeding. I wasn't very patient and wanted quick results.

91% Isopropyl alcohol got me the quick results I wanted. Alcohol bath #1 got me the following result within seconds.

Left: Bra and panties.
Right: Stockings.

The dye bleeding from the stockings were extreme. The liquid was pitch black. I drained the alcohol, rinsed the clothing pieces in water, and then gave them alcohol bath #2.

The liquid was lighter with the bra and panties. The stockings' bath was pitch black again. I drained the alcohol, rinsed the clothing, and then gave them alcohol bath #3.

While the stockings on the right looks like there was less bleeding this time, immediately after taking this photo, the alcohol turned pitch black. The bra and panties were showing more improvement (less dye bleeding).

After draining the alcohol and rinsing the clothing pieces with water again, I didn't bother with alcohol bath #4.

I left the clothing pieces out to dry for a day. After they dried, I put the clothing onto the previously stained Obitsu 23. First are the pics of the 23 naked...

...and now the culprit clothing pieces are making contact with the Obitsu 23's skin. I used masking take to make cure there's firm contact between the clothing pieces and the 23's skin.

 The clothing was placed on the 23's body July 10. Gary wanted me to wait a month but I decided 3 weeks was long enough. ^_~

So far, so good. No stains from the bra strap or the bra itself.


The right shoulder seems like there's a spot but that's where there's a hard skeletal part sticks into the vinyl. You can see something similar on the left side. I saw no concern here.

Nothing of real concern aside from some lint and JPEG artifacts.


...and crap. I didn't take photos of the open crotch before this experiment but the stain is a consistent color with what the underwear did to another doll body. The cloth from the panties didn't leave marks but the strap did. :/ This doll originally came with white underwear, so I know these stains didn't come from that.

The knees were in the same condition as they were before the experiment.

Ditto with the feet.

Well, that was... surprising. If something was going to leave behind stains, I expected the socks to do so because of how much dye bleeding there was from that. However, the straps from the black panties did the most damage instead.

Sadly, bleeding dye from culprit clothing isn't a foolproof way to prevent dye stains from occurring again. There was no obvious sign of the fabric color fading at all, which is good. However, the panties still left behind some stains. If additional alcohol baths were given, MAYBE the problem would have been solved but that's a risk I wouldn't be taking with anything which isn't an experimental doll body.

If you have an expensive doll, make sure to take preventative measures.

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