Thursday, July 28, 2016

Faceup Redux

On a different blog, I tried a faceup. I didn't like the sticky residue the matte spray I originally used left behind. I decided to clean things up a bit and while I was at it, I would try to reduce the black around the eye holes.

So here's what the face looked like before:

I used lacquer paint thinner (purchased from a home improvement center) to try stripping as much makeup as I could. I couldn't remove everything but I removed enough to my satisfaction. Once I did that, I used a matte spray of a different brand. It didn't leave behind a sticky residue. Once the spray dried, I proceeded with the faceup again. Once I was done, I sprayed another coat of the matte spray, inserted her eyes back into her sockets, and I was done.

So here's what I used for her faceup:

Mr. Super Clear UV Cut Flat 170ml spray
Sakura Pigma Micron 005 black ink pen
Gundam Real Touch Marker set
Gunam Marker brown panel lining marker
Lacquer thinner
Technical grade 99% isopropyl alcohol
Paper towels

The last four things were for making minor corrections (to the eyebrows I drew with the Pigma pen) without destroying the coat of matte spray underneath. (Using lacquer thinner or 99% isopropyl alcohol will strip the clear matte coat off the head.)

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