Thursday, October 13, 2016

Custom Neck Piece Prototype

If you own some version of a Dollfie Dream III or Sister, you might recognize this part as the chest and neck frame. I decided to run an experiment for increasing the movement range by putting together a custom neck joint.

Brass pipe.

Pipe cutter.

Filled with epoxy putty.

Embedded a #4 nut while the putty was soft.

The screws are a bit long but there's enough clearance with the L-size Dollfie
chest skin. If I make any more of these in future, I'll need to look for such screws.

EDIT: I subsequently replaced them with shorter screws.

While I need to give this body a pair of legs, the focus with this post is with how flexible the custom neck joint made the Dollfie's neck. The neck joint is strong and sturdy. I think I can consider this experiment a success.

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