Tuesday, July 4, 2017

DIY Saddle Stand, a.k.a. the Most Ghetto Saddle Stand Ever

If you ever thought of buying a professionally made saddle stand, as nice as it looks and as strong as it may be, it's quite expensive. Welcome to the most unprofessional tutorial in the history of mankind for how to make your own 60cm doll saddle stand! XD XD XD

Available at Volks USA. Includes two pieces of plastic, a washer, and a screw. I bought this secondhand, so after the exchange rate and shipping, I estimate I paid about $12.

While I didn't take detailed photos here, I filled one end of a brass pipe with epoxy putty. Once it hardened, I drilled a hole in it for the screw. I then used the washer and screw included with the stand.

I already had the brass pipe and the epoxy putty because they were left over from other projects. Based on how much I used, I'm going to say I paid $3 for them.

Originally, I wanted to turn this into DIY chair stand #3 using the Volks brand SD chair. Unfortunately, this stand is too light and weak to support the weight of the SD chair and doll. I then decided to turn this into a saddle stand to see if that would work.

 14-gauge solid copper wire. This set me back about $10.

Bent the copper wire sort of in the shape of an actual Volks saddle stand.

Done! Now let's see how useful this is.

Holding steady.

Because of her skirt, you wouldn't know how ghetto the saddle stand is if you didn't see how it was actually made. ^_~

The wire is flexible but still strong enough to support the weight of a 60cm doll even if she becomes slightly unbalanced. 14-gauge solid copper seems to be the right balance between strength and flexibility.

The total damage to my wallet for this project was about $25, and I still have a lot of wire left. Considering a real saddle stand will set you back $55 (wood / metal) + shipping (+tax if you live in California), that's pretty awesome if you don't mind how ghetto this is. (I certainly don't.)

Another positive aspect of this stand is, if I want to take a doll to a gathering, I have a small, light, yet sturdy enough doll stand I can throw into my Dollfie bag.

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