Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Doll Hearts DL000002 Military Style

This is the other outfit I purchased from the Doll Hearts booth during I-doll Nagoya 24. Modeled by Platina.

The outfit is specifically sized for a Dollfie Dream body with chest L. DDdy is too big for the outfit and an M-size or smaller chest will not adequately fill in the shirt. In theory, Dollfie Dream Sister with an L-bust should fit perfectly into the outfit but I don't have a DDS to test the theory.

Platina's body is a custom Dollfie Dream body with an L-bust, a custom spine, custom arms, and the Sexy Legs mod. Her head is the Volks Akihabara Dollpoint exclusive DDH-09, normal skin tone. Faceup by me, using Gundam Markers and Sharpie. Her eyes were made by Blue Rose Garden.

The boots were also purchased during I-doll Nagoya from the MoMo Shoes table. The boots are awesome.

Doing a spot check after several hours, no dye transfer took place onto the doll skin.

Since I want to show off her "shoulder coat" from the rear angle, I had her use a short wig for the photos below. (Both wigs by Dollce.) I'm fairly certain there's a proper and better term for the "shoulder coat" but I don't know what it is and doing a quick web search got me nothing useful. Unless I come across the term or someone more knowledgeable with clothing than me tells me the name, I'm calling it "shoulder coat".

The hair clips on the hat are a bit difficult to manipulate so I didn't include it after swapping wigs.

Aside from the difficult to manipulate hair clips, a drawback has to do with the shoulder coat. I really like how fancy it is and the details in it. Unfortunately, there's nothing to actually hold it in place. It sits on the doll's shoulders and that's it. This piece also limits the poses your doll can do in any photo situation. Even if there was a band, velcro, tape, or sewn-on cloth to hold the shoulder coat in place, your doll's shoulder movements are also highly restricted.

While the above paragraph seems like I'm disappointed with the outfit, I'm not. I like look of the outfit despite my comments about the shoulder coat. The craftsmanship is what's really impressive.

  • Details in the outfit
  • Craftsmanship
  • No dye transfer (yet - fingers crossed!)
  • The outfit looks great

  • Shoulder coat design restricts movement and possible poses, as well as falling off easily

As long as the buyer is aware of the shoulder coat issue, I would recommend this outfit.

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