Sunday, October 15, 2017

M.S.G Modeling Support Goods: Heavy Weapon Unit 16 Overed Manipulator

These (identical) kits are manufactured by Kotobukiya. I bought two because only one hand is included per kit. Available at Amiami.

Parts included in one kit.

Two kits' worth of parts.

Since this is a doll blog and not a blog about showing the progress of plastic model kits being built or how to build kits, I won't have any photos of the building progress. You'll see assembled but unpainted results below.

Again, since this is a doll blog, you should know exactly why I bought these kits. Of course, they don't fit onto 60cm daughters' arms out of the box. Some modifications are necessary. What you'll see below is a technique you can use for Dollfie Dream.

Let's first take a look at the Volks brand wrist frame.

There's a pin on each mechanical hand 3mm in diameter. I somehow needed to shove these pins into the Dollfie Dream wrist frame. I took a pin vise and a drill bit smaller than 3mm to drill a "starter hole" at the center of the wrist frame. I tried to drill at the center and straight down as much as possible. Once I had a starter hole, I used a 3mm drill bit. The trick is to drill a hole deep enough to secure the pin coming out from the mechanical hands. In case I was a bit off center or didn't drill perfectly straight down, I didn't want to drill too deep because I would have then ruined the wrist frame.

So far, so good.

Now I will introduce another daughter I haven't posted any photos of yet: Aika. No, she's not named after the panty shot fan service character. I'll have a long rambling post about her at another time. For now, this is about the mechanical hands and not about her. Aika will just be demonstrating what the hands can do.

When the wrist areas are covered by long sleeves, these hands look awesome. when they're exposed, they can look ugly. However, functionally, this project turned out to be a great success.

For the curious, yes, these hands are are capable of making lewd gestures. Each finger moves independently of others.

If I feel ambitious enough, I'll paint these hands so they don't look as bland as they do now.

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