Saturday, May 8, 2021

Abyss Black + Deep Blue

I've had the "Abyss Black" outfit in storage for a while. That needed to change.

The Abyss black outfit is the successor to the "Deep Blue" outfit. The "Deep Blue" outfit is worn by Alison, my A2 cosplayer below.

Deep Blue is a pretty awesome outfit. I expected the Abyss Black to be just as awesome except with the jacket being black instead of navy. Let's take a look!

DDdy compatible. The compatibility is identical to Deep Blue. Alison has a DDdy-III body. 2B, who has the DDdy-f3 body, will be wearing the Abyss Black.
Gloves, stockings, and boots are not included with the outfit(s).

  • The collared shirt fits perfectly so you can see her body's nice curves.
  • The shorts have a "loop" at the thigh area. This is fastened by threads and hooks with the Deep Blue. There's Velcro instead with the Abyss Black and that's a significant improvement.
  • The jacket's sleeves are just way too long.
  • The vest is a huge letdown. The vest is a significant part of the outfit but it fits too loose. As a result, 2B's nice curvy lines are completely obscured and looks bad when not covered by the jacket.
  • The materials used for the vest and shorts feel cheap compared to what was used with the Deep Blue.
Overall, the Abyss Black outfit is a bit of a letdown. I can deal with the jacket's sleeves being too long. What's really disappointing are how loose the vest fits onto a DDdy body and how awful it looks compared to the vest included with the Deep Blue. The vest and shorts' materials feeling cheap doesn't help either.
Not that I checked but since these outfits are now several years old, they're probably hard to come by in general. If they were both available, I would recommend the Deep Blue outfit. Seeing how much better the Deep Blue is compared to the Abyss Black, I can't recommend the Abyss Black. The Abyss Black's advantages over Deep Blue are not great enough to recommend the Abyss Black.

Since I didn't want this opportunity to go to waste, I took photos of the two ladies together:

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