Sunday, May 23, 2021

Tripod Bag, Part 2


I previously mentioned how there are low quality internal straps inside the tripod bag. I decided to do something with them by buying a 10-pack of plastic buckles.

The straps are so thin, I needed to triple layer them. Fortunately, the straps themselves are pretty long. I first stapled them at the top (pictured) and the bottom (not pictured).

I then covered the staples with masking tape so they won't potentially hook onto something - anything - inside the bag.

Very snug now.

I bought additional tripod bags with the buckles. Since I now have a total of four of these tripod bags, I used up 8 buckle pairs and have 2 left. I can see myself buying another bag to use up the remaining 2 pairs. I have more dolls than bags so I can use another bag.

I like how this experiment went.

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