Monday, May 17, 2021

Tripod Bag

So I bought a tripod bag.

Doll bags (a.k.a. "cases") are generally expensive. If you live outside of Asia, you can expect to pay through the nose for one. I decided to run an experiment with a tripod bag to see if it would actually work as a doll bag.
External pocket.

Internal pocket.
I bought this specific tripod bag for its size, price, and pockets. The external pocket has a zipper and is covered by a Velcro patch. The internal pocket has the zipper exposed.

As a test, I rubbed a spare piece of vinyl on the internals of the bag. (The vinyl is literally Dollfie Dream skin.) The vinyl did not get any dye transfer. However, I would still cover/wrap any doll I put in it with a plastic bag as a layer of protection.

I gave Rie (Saturn cosplayer) an inflated plastic pillow (the same stuff Amazon uses as padding in packages) and a sheet of bubble wrap at her feet. Looking good so far.

Rie is a full-sized Dollfie Dream wearing a pair of boots. The boots add about an inch of height to her. The bag is still large enough.

Covered her head with more of the inflated padding. Also tossed in her Saturn wig and the plastic bags containing various parts of the Saturn costume.

The bag's zippers can close without a problem.

  • The bag is the perfect size to carry a Dollfie Dream or similar sized doll.
  • Internal and external pockets can store your doll's smaller accessories.
  • Half the price of what a normal doll bag would cost.
  • Can realistically contain a doll, multiple wigs, multiple outfits, and various accessories.

  • Very few pockets compared to more expensive doll bags.
  • Low-quality internal straps you wouldn't want to tie your doll with are sewn inside.
  • Comes in only one color.
  • While there doesn't seem to be the danger of the bag's internal materials staining your doll, the bag is not lined in white.
I'm pleasantly surprised with how well this bag works for the purpose of storing a doll. More expensive doll bags certainly do have nice features this tripod bag doesn't. However, if you were to take the cost performance concept into account, this tripod bag can't be beat.

If an actual doll bag is within your budget, I would recommend it over this tripod bag. If your budget is tight and you need a doll bag, this tripod bag can work as an excellent low-cost alternative. Just make sure you wrap your doll in white towels, a plastic bag, or some layer of protection just in case the tripod bag has a few dye issues I haven't yet discovered.

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