Sunday, April 14, 2024

DD Kitagawa Marin

I previously posted these photos but later ended up with broken images. I deleted that post. Re-posting the images plus I'll actually have some explanation text here. I only posted the photos last time.

Outfit and shoes purchased FROM-SEN.

The cosplayer is my custom doll.

As for the wig, it was a cheap wig I bought from an Etsy seller. I was extremely disappointed with it due to how awful it is. When I wanted a wig appropriate for Marin cosplay, there wasn't anything available I liked from various doll shops. I then decided to run an experiment. Instead of potentially ruining a good wig, I decided to put the cheap and disappointing wig to use. I dipped the cheap wig in a solution of Vallejo red ink and alcohol. The color ended up a lot better than I had hoped.

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