Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Emily (custom doll)

Some time ago, I came across info concerning the existence of the Obitsu "Rosalie" doll. I of course missed the pre-order and order periods. The doll did subsequently become available secondhand through Mandarake but both the doll and outfit were in poor condition. I then came across the Obitsu semi-custom doll using the same head butt this wasn't good enough for me. Not that it mattered because I couldn't order it anyway. I then came across Obitsu shop's page for the specific blank head I would need for my custom.

Of course, I couldn't order this head. Obitsu Japan doesn't take overseas orders. Someone recommended a proxy service so I made the purchase through that. The blank head cost me about 2.5x what it would have cost if I were a resident of Japan.

Sadly, I didn't take photos of the entire process so there are some images missing from the descriptions below.

When I started working on her, what I had were a pair of (heterochromic) eyes, a set of Dolly Pop! skin, and the wig. I didn't have a body for her. (The pictured bra is Obitsu 50 clothing.)

I've had numerous issues with the existing Obitsu 50 body so I was adamantly against buying another one. I decided to acquire a Dollfie Dream Pretty (DDP) body for her instead. Once I acquired the DDP body, I replaced the default bust/torso skin with the Dolly Pop! skin.

Her head presented some challenges. An Obitsu head for a 50cm doll has a large hole designed for the thick Obitsu 50 neck peg. As is, the head would be extremely floppy on the DDP body. I filled in the hole with epoxy putty. Once it cured, I drilled a hole with the same diameter as the DDP neck peg.

The outfit below is the Black Raven Clothing Rose Naoir Dress Set and Rose Noir Boots.

 I wasn't done. I subsequently bought some clothing and shoes for her as well.

The gloves are from Parabox. No idea what brand the shoes are. The dress... is also an unknown brand but it was too cheap to pass it up.

I wasn't done spoiling her. I also bought a Volks brand dress and Azone brand Beshine wig.

As far as the naming scheme is concerned, there's a character named Emile (supposedly pronounced "Emily") in the Tekken series of games. That character is a blonde and is usually referred to as "Lili". I ended up taking some ideas from there for a naming scheme. I didn't want to name this girl Lili or Lily. I decided "Emily" would work here.

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