Sunday, June 9, 2024


I bought a Dollbot body and the L-bust. Due to the body not including a head and the head being unavailable separately, I had to use a non-Dollbot head to pair with the body. I decided to use the Dollce C-type head.

One issue I have of many is, I find performing a faceup on the same type of head I previously worked on to be somewhat boring. This is the same head as my Sailor Saturn. This head also has some degree of unevenness which made the faceup on her not fun.

While what I did below didn't get rid of the uneven issues, the process did become a lot more fun for me compared to when I worked on Saturn's faceup. I used a plastic welder type epoxy putty to make the eye sockets smaller. While another method would be using a soldering iron to melt and fuse scrap pieces of vinyl, I preferred to use the plastic welder epoxy putty route.

I started sanding down the uneven surface here.

Tried to paint the putty to make it match the skin tone. Once I started applying the faceup, the different colors became less of an issue.

Wig by Hanna Su.

Once the faceup was done, I had to make the neck hole slightly larger just so the Dollbot's neck peg would fit through the head. I wasn't sure how to take photos of this process so I didn't. I used a power drill and drill bits for this task.

A character concept I had in mind and wanted was something Azone came up with but I didn't want to buy the Azone doll specifically. (I won't get into why I don't want to buy the Azone doll here.) The concept was "girl in a cute white outfit". Unlike the Azone girl, this girl isn't a cat girl at all. The important part for me was to try to capture how cute the catgirl doll is without turning my girl into a catgirl specifically.

While I said I don't want to turn my girl into a catgirl, I named her after one. I decided to name her Felicia.

With the faceup now done, it's time for what I bought from the Dollbot web site.

I still need to clothe her. I decided on Moonlit Night Maiden Mini.

Short gloves from Parabox.

I still need to give her shoes. I initially put a pair of white boots on her feet. The white boots were fine but a bit boring from a color standpoint. I eventually gave her a pair of blue boots from Doll Hearts.

Size comparison with Emily.

Not done spoiling her.

Next are the official Dollbot brand Sweets Pirates One Piece dress, Sweets Pirates Hat, and harness belt. I used some bendable wire to make the harness belt work with the L-bust Felicia is equipped with.

Long gloves from Parabox.

I'm not done spoiling her.
For the following outfit, I bought a random pair of boots FROM SEN. The outfit was purchased from Parabox.

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